Chester Jankowski: music catalogue


Wind and Silver, 1989.

For orchestra and soprano.

Wind and Silver was originally written for Soprano, Violin, Cello and Piano. During the summer of 1989, I attended the Aspen Music School in Colorado. My roommate was Fred Clarke, a conducting student who was at the time conducting the Berkeley Chamber Players at Yale. Fred heard a reading of the quartet version of the piece at Aspen and encouraged me to write an orchestral version. Beyond that, he even promised to perform it! These days, few 21-year-old composers get to hear their orchestral music performed, so I leapt at the opportunity. In a huge burst of creative energy, working day and night, I completed the orchestration in one week, and copied all of the parts the next week. (After that, I was ready for some hiking!) True to his word, Fred conducted the piece that October. I got a kick from the posters around New Haven that read: Mahler, Copland, Jankowski. The mp3 is from a cassette master that was in rather poor shape.

Duration = 7'36"

wind_and_silver_orc.mp3 (128 kb/s .mp3: 7.1 MB)