Chester Jankowski: music catalogue

Chamber + Electroacoustic

What do you mean by "Twisting chromaticism?", 1996.

For flute/piccolo, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, violin, cello, electronics and tape.

The piece has some connections with taming the monster Peano curve, including some thematic material and a not always entirely serious attempt to plumb the depths of a phrase I used to describe the monstrous curve. Both twists and chromaticism appear in many guises, including subway sounds from the curving track between St. Andrew and Union stations in Toronto. The phrase "twisting chromaticism, uhm..." is stretched out to increasing lengths (at one point lasting two minutes, forming a kind of drone). Following a recapitulation of the opening material is an extended coda, which leads the piece to a high-energy (high voltage!) conclusion.

The tape part was completed at the CBC's EAR studio. I would like to thank Laurence Stevenson at EAR and Dennis Patrick at the U of T studio for their generous assistance.

Duration = 16 minutes